Before I had my children, I loved to sew. Any spare time I had, I would sit down and play around with fabrics to see what I could come up with. After a while, I opened shops on Folksy and Etsy and sold a number of items (eg bunting, cushion covers, craft supplies) but then I had my children and spare time.... well, that becomes a bit sparse.

Life has a habit of ever changing and in 2015 I had to pack up my things whilst we moved home. Fast forward to Autumn 2020 and I have just managed to unpack everything. It turns our home renovation takes a while! I now have a proper workspace again and I can't wait to get cracking.
Since moving, I've discovered a love of chalk paint. I started off gradually by painting some decorative items for our home. Then, the opportunity came to sell them in a shop and I took the plunge to put a few small pieces in, and, to my delight, they sold within a few weeks.
As my children are getting older, whilst I have more responsibilities to juggle, I'm trying to fit in time to do what I love and I hope I am able to make a small business from it.
Wondering about the name? It’s difficult coming up with a name, at the time, I had two white chickens called Bluebell and Rosie and it just stuck!
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